Personal Accounting & Professional Services

Wapakoneta AccountantWhether you are a fiscal novice or corporate CEO, you need a partner who looks out for your financial interests. The team of Mark J. Cisco & Co provides an array of personal accounting and professional services for a wide range of financial and business needs.

Our individual clients trust us to help ensure financial security, including tax preparation, college funds, estate and retirement planning. Businesses know they can count on us for a full range of accounting services, from evaluating business performance to identifying profitability and growth potential. But it doesn’t end there. We will develop practical strategies to address your challenges and take your business to the next level of success.

Select from a full list of accounting services.

Personal Tax Planning & Preparation
At tax time, we do more than simply prepare and file returns. We develop a plan for growth and investment, to create and protect your wealth far into the future. Learn more about Personal Tax Planning.
Business Tax Planning & Preparation
Our business tax preparation services include: tax preparation and management, IRS representation, Entity selection and restructuring and payroll services. Learn more about Business Tax Planning.
Assurance & Advisory Services

Assurance and advisory services, offering objective analysis of procedures to reflect the most up-to-date technologies, accounting standards and tax law including:

  • Compilations and financial statement preparation
  • Entity selection and restructuring
  • Accounting software selection, implementation and support
  • Financial projections and forecasts
  • Debt and finance advising
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Transaction structuring and negotiations
  • Business succession
Litigation Support & Forensic Accounting Services

Litigation support and forensic accounting services can involve quantification of economic loss or damages, analysis of financial records, and fraud and theft investigation. They can be employed in a wide range of situations, including:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Financial investigations
  • Business valuations
  • Business and marital dissolutions
  • Bankruptcies
Bookkeeping/Write-up Services

Bookkeeping/Write-up services help with the organization and day-to-day tasks of bookkeeping so you can focus on your core business.

QuickBooks Accounting Software Assistance

QuickBooks accounting software assistance to help you maximize results from the most widely used accounting software. We offer a free initial consultation to small business owners and can tailor a program to your specific workplace needs, including:

  • Personal training: individual or group instruction at your location
  • Installation: single use or networked in single or multi-user mode
  • Setup: Assistance with initial setup including: EasyStep Interview, Preferences, Lists, Customers, Vendors, Employees, Banking and Reports. We help experienced users manage their businesses more effectively by improving their setup.
  • Support: We will assist you with any installation, setup or operation assistance and provide accounting and payroll assistance.
  • Review: We can review transactions, accounts and reports so you receive relevant and reliable financial information and ensure the data you receive reflects the correct financial condition of your business. Recommended monthly.
Employee Benefits, Pension & Profit Sharing Plans

Employee benefits, pension and profit sharing plans: Reward your employees while reaching your company’s financial and business goals. We can help maximize tax advantages.

Financial Projections & Forecasts

Financial projections and forecasts: Gain an understanding of your business to produce financial projections that help you manage your business plan and spending. We remain current with market trends so your business can be prepared for what is to come. Depending on your needs, our work can range from top-level reports to detailed financial models.

Debt & Finance Advising

Debt and finance advising: We help sort through options for debt management and financing that will lower your payments and/or reduce the total amount of interest paid. Re-balancing your debts can also result in tax deduction savings, save money and/or lower your payments.

Compilations & Financial Statement Preparation

Compilations and financial statement preparation: Compilations for internal purposes do not offer assurance but may involve adjustment to accounting records. Financial statement preparation offers the highest level of assurances to third parties which include in-depth preparation and confirmation of financial statements.

Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis

Cash flow and budgeting analysis: Improve your company’s liquidity, reduce costs and increase profitability. We can help you maintain optimal cash flow levels by tracking sources and uses, forecasting and budgeting accordingly.

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