A man getting scammed online for money.

Scammers are targeting people looking to make money while stuck at home. While there are plenty of legitimate opportunities to earn extra cash, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says to steer clear from the following money-making scams: At-Home Medical Billing Businesses. Many medical billing business opportunities are worthless. Their promoters don’t tell the truth about

Businesses raising their prices.

Raising prices can be fraught with risk during good economic times. So what happens if you try to raise prices during bad economic times? As Hamlet would say, “Ah, there’s the rub.” If you raise prices, you risk losing clients to competitors. If you don’t, decreasing revenue or rising costs can capsize your company. So

An older couple with their social security benefits.

Estimated average Social Security retirement benefits starting January 2021 All retired workers in 2020 $1,523/mo All retired workers in 2021 $1,543/mo Did you know? You can increase your Social Security retirement benefits by 5-8% when you delay applying until you’re age 70. 1.6% cost of living adjustment for Social Security retirement benefits and SSI payments

Newspaper with press release as its title.

When crafting your business’s marketing strategy, don’t forget about developing a relationship with the press. Although newspapers and magazine circulation has drastically decreased over the past 20 years, the demand for content still exists via online platforms. Here are several suggestions for crafting a press release to tell your business’s story and how to best

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