Stack of tax forms for small businesses

Small Business Tax Return To-Do List

Consider these suggestions for helping to make the 2021 tax season smooth sailing this year for your small business: 1. Make your estimated tax payments Tuesday, Jan, 18 is the due date to make your fourth-quarter payment for the 2021 tax year. Now is also the time to create an initial estimate for first-quarter 2022

1099-MISC form for tax year 2021 with pencil and calculator

Tax return filing season usually gets a little crazy, but this year will be more turbulent than most. Due to new tax legislation and guidance from the IRS, you will have to cope with a wide variety of tax changes, some of which relate to the pandemic. Here are several tips for making some order

Stack of binders, a calculator, and a paper timesheet with a pen.

Make Payroll Taxes Easy in 2022

Handling employment taxes can be complicated, especially when you’re required to file important tax documents throughout the year. Here’s a quick recap of the most vital payroll tax forms and what you can do to make your payroll life easier heading into 2022. Important Payroll Tax Forms Form 941 — Employer’s quarterly federal tax return

Businesswoman looking at a bill with a surprised look on her face

Getting a bill for an unexpected expense can put a significant dent in your business’s cash flow. Here are some tips your business can use to deal with a surprise bill. Stick to a reconciliation schedule The best advice is to be prepared for the unexpected. Do this by knowing how much cash you have

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