Person giving an online business review.

Here are some ideas on handling those pesky online business reviews. The best defense is a great offense You don’t have to address negative reviews if you never have them in the first place. Proactively identify possible negative experiences and encourage customers to respond directly to you to resolve their issues. Know your dissatisfied reviewer

Graduation cap sitting on a pile of money.

Student Loan Forgiveness Q&A

While there may be legal and Congressional challenges around the recent presidential executive order, here are some questions and answers about what is known so far about the announced student loan forgiveness program. Can the President forgive this debt? Who knows how this will play out, but maybe not. Only Congress has spending authority. And

Person sitting on the floor holding a calculator paying their bills.

Taming Monthly Bill Creep

Paying bills is inevitable, but paying too much is not. Here are some tips to help you get a handle on your recurring monthly expenses. Investigate your recurring services Start by taking stock of every service you are currently using. Review your bank and credit card statements and highlight all the charges that look like

A social security card laying on a pile of money.

Very few things in life can create a higher degree of stress than having your Social Security number (SSN) stolen. This is because, unlike other forms of identification, your SSN is virtually permanent. Here are some things that you can do to minimize the risk of having your number fall into the hands of the

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