Sports Officiating Accounting

sports officiating accountingWhat officiating expenses are deductible?

As a sports official, you love the game and devote your time to applying the rules to the game. You deserve to enjoy your compensation and minimize the amount of taxes you might owe. For over 25 years, Mark J. Cisco, CPA has worked with officials to apply the tax regulations to minimize their tax situation.

Why trust Mark Cisco, CPA with your sports officiating tax concerns?

As an officiating peer, Mark has over 30 years of football officiating and 15 years of softball officiating experience. He was honored to receive the National Federation Football Official for 2014, has officiated in Division II Gliac and GLVC football conferences, is a State football and softball championship official, and an OSHAA Certified Football Instructor and game observer.

He not only understands the rules of the game, but he understands the tax rules as well.

Get started today maximizing your hard-earned officiating income by scheduling your tax appointment. Contact Mark now.
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